Tuesday, 22 July 2008

DS2 and DD2

Lesson 1

I took this photo of DD2 yesterday and thought I'd pop it in today along with DS2's artwork. DD2 decided to jump at up to the computer while we were getting on with schoolwork yesterday. I was actually scanning some pics at the time and as usual I get hoha sitting at the slow computer while it does its thing so I tend to go about my day and just run back and forth clicking through each stage. So DD2 decided to take advantage of the situation and climbed up to test her keyboard skills. Rather cute I thought.
I liked DS2's creative expression this morning. Granted, it's with a whiteboard and marker, however, it still shows his abilities. He held the whiteboard eraser to make the body and then drew the faces etc. In all, he drew 10 "spiders" he tells me!

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