Friday, 11 July 2008

Definitely Winter!!

As you can see from this little snippet I cut out from the local paper, having snow in Rotorua was quite the talk of the town this week!

I took the following photo from our place. If you manage to enlarge the photo you'll make out the Whakatane turnoff. We live 350m from that turnoff so in terms of closeness of the ranges, they'd be about 5kms from us. I hadn't noticed the snow on the ranges as they're not actually visible from the house without walking down towards the reserve, so by the time I took this photo, it would have been somewhere around 10am. Such a pity as I found out later there was a lot more snow to be seen. Exciting nonetheless!

On Tuesday we celebrated DD2 completing MUS Primer. It wasn't until she was nearing the last few pages that I even knew this achievement award was there:

Her smile went from ear to ear. She was very proud of herself, and so she should be. I have now started loading some books on TradeMe to raise enough funds to buy Alpha for her now. In the meantime we will revise Primer and just use DS1's Alpha manual as a guideline.

DD1 has also improved immensely with her handwriting so I'm very pleased with progress in that area. Here's an example of her work. I tried to darken the page on the scanner, so excuse the look.

As for DS1, we're having another start with Story of the World. My approach this time is to narrate and have him write down and discuss things on each paragraph, or page. Not only is this then covering a history lesson, but also narration, handwriting and English. I found last year when he was 5 he listened and got involved to a certain degree, but his appreciation of Egypt per say wasn't clicking. In other words, I know had I persevered then to cover Egypt, his interest would have waivered and possibly extinguished. So we'll see how we get on with it this time round. I thought it was a nice time to start it as DD1 listens in so hopefully it well gel with her also.

Here's an example of work this week. (As always click to enlarge to get a better view)

Well, semester two for myself starts officially on Monday the 14th. Bastille Day. I'd like to do something with the kids so will put my thinking cap on over the weekend as to ideas. I passed the two papers I did in semester one, but I have stuck to my guns and will only take on one paper this semester. Sticking with Religion this time. You may, or may not, be interested to know I'll be taking a paper in Magic and Witchcraft. I'm really looking forward to what I think will be a fun paper. As much as I'm tempted to take Greek Mythology, I will leave that till summer school. I'm mentioning my studies to indicate I may disappear for a spell - especially towards examination end. I still want to keep a regular record of the children's schooling, so I will just have to figure out a better timetable for achieving everything. By taking only one paper instead of two, I'm hoping that will allow me the flexibility to keep up with postings ... but time will tell.

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