Friday, 4 April 2008

This Small World Keeps on Getting Smaller!

I know I promised to get up to speed with the children's schooling, but before I create that post, I just have to share yet another uncanny event thanks to the extramural studies.

Remember in recent weeks I mentioned I had chosen to study two university papers, extramurally? I later went on to mention that I discovered one of my fellow Latin students lives on the other side of Lake Rotorua? Well, if that wasn't coincidence enough then you'll get a great kick out of this next story.

Due to my lack of organisational skills and lack of understanding not only Hindu terms but the jolly English terms!!!! I've been lagging behind with my Hinduism & Buddhism paper so not too many nights ago I asked the paper coordinator (in a roundabout way) to hold an online tutorial for us in the chatroom ...

Fast forward a little bit ...

I also suggested we use IM. One of the students replied she'd be keen. Excellent. She downloaded MSN and around 9.30 last night we started chatting. As much as we were attempting to stay on topic ... I veered off course by asking where she lived ... (as you do!!!) "Wellington," was her reply. I mentioned I used to live there many, many years ago. "What part did you live in?" I go on to explain, and then her next question "What school did you go to?" ... well, you'll never guess what!!!! We only went to the same jolly intermediate and high schools didn't we!!!!

What's the chances huh?!!! Unbelievable!

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