Friday, 28 March 2008

quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditu

I thought I'd take a break from my studies to get a very quick post together before an entire term passes by and I regret not making the time to record their work.

The past fortnight has been spent trying to find a good balance for school, university studies, work in and around our property as well as enjoying being a family. We've also had to farewell friends as they continue on their homeschooling journey in another city. They have left Rotorua for Kirikiriroa (Hamilton), in the Waikato area of New Zealand. For anyone interested in Googling it, I'd suggest popping in Hamilton, New Zealand as I'd imagine you might take a long-winded route if you put in Kirikiriroa.

The children and I have enjoyed the Easter break with daddy being home for the first time in probably 6 or 7 years. Being self-employed can have some major drawbacks (especially if your business isn't successful ... which ours wasn't!!!!) So the children and I finally spent an Easter break with daddy home and we truly made the most of it. For starters, our pool may not be fully finished, but the children had the opportunity to finally get in and have their first attempts at swimming: so that's definitely schooling! They have also helped dad with the construction of the first stages of a fence; they've used string lines, shovels, hammers, nails, measuring tape and helped with the quantity surveying even! DS2 especially was into climbing the ladder and banging nails into the fence! We've all learned the difference between posts, railings and palings now! So that's all schooling, isn't it?! The children have learned about boundaries and how they are defined with something like a fence. For so long they have taken advantage of the 5 acres behind our property as there's been no fence to define what is, and isn't actually ours. So now they know they can still play on the 5 acres, but they understand more clearly what is "our space, our home".

DS1 is working on geography and as I'm studying Hinduism he has found the Indus River, so he has a better comprehension of what region I'm referring to when I discuss things I'm learning about. Funnily enough, it has emphasised more clearly for him where the Himalaya are and more importantly Mt Everest. When New Zealand mourned the loss of our great Sir Edmund Hilary, we did some work on who "Ed" was and his great accomplishments. As part of that we looked at the Atlas to see where Mt Everest is etc and now that I'm studying something to do with that region, he has something more substantial to tie his understanding together.

A lot of DS1's artwork has been designing lately. Here's just one of his efforts:

From the road he's made the driveway which connects to a path and of course leads to the house. Yes, you'd be correct in assuming the green is the grass area (landscaped by the looks of it!) and the brown you can hopefully make out is the deck which if I could get a better photo you would see runs along the ground level of the house. He used an overhead projection sheet to make windows on the sides (not shown in photo), a balcony on the first level with a seat of course! and a set of stairs going up either side of the balcony!!!

I swear, he must dream of these designs because in the morning he's straight to his papers, pens, scissors and sticky tape and that's it; we don't hear a peep out of him until he's accomplished his task. (This is before he has breakfast!!)

Now, if I could just channel that enthusiasm to other subjects! lol ...

DD1 enjoys her Math-U-See. It won't be long before she's finished Primer, but I'm not rushing her to finish the book just for the sake of saying it's finished. She won't be moving into Alpha until we're quite sure everything is mastered in Primer. She also picks up pen and paper to practice her writing skills and I'm very, very happy with her progress. It's only six days to her fifth birthday, so the rest of the week will be spent preparing, discussing and organising her birthday most likely!

Well, there's probably a screed of information missed out here, but time is precious and there's only so long one can be away from the books. I have my second Latin assignment due in five days so my weekend is going to be very busy trying to catch up with that. But the reason I mention my studies, is to show that I have used myself as an example to DS1 this week to explain that we are always learning. As I said to him, "I'm 42 and I'm STILL learning!!!" (I've used this example to him when he gets hoha about doing some schoolwork, and it seems to have worked!)

When I received my first assignment back I showed the children how my teacher has marked it and what I received for my effort. They now see how the process works ... I sit and study at home, do my assignment, fill out a cover sheet and a self-addressed envelope, we pop it in the post and put the red flag up so Maylene our postie picks it up and within a week I receive (1) confirmation they have received my assignment because I receive the self-addressed envelope and then (2) a few days later the assignment comes back and I have my mark out of 8% ... and I discuss some maths with them. (I have 5 assignments; they are worth 8% each, so now that I have my first assignment back and received 7.5% I need to achieve ...... you get the idea)

And there you have it: everday life is full of learning ....

And, just in case you're wondering what the title to this post means:

Whatever is said in Latin, sounds profound

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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