Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hopeless with routines but why it's time to start

I have never been one to ever follow a routine properly but this week we will need to change that (when I say "we", I mean "me"!!!)

Now that my own extramural university studies are underway I have already had a LONG, and trying week! I've had to get my first Latin assignment away. Come 2.30 Friday morning I found myself downstairs working on it. By 5.30am I needed to get back to sleep. Of course I had to get up with the kids within a few hours of that which was fine. I had my two cups of coffee to find that "kick" I needed and as I checked my assignment I realised just in the nick of time that I hadn't completed the last question properly. I had corrected the sentences, but I hadn't translated them!!! But luckily I had it finished in time for the mail carrier to take with her at 9.30am. Phew! So, it should arrive in time for the deadline of Monday!

The reason I have mentioned my studies is to indicate the importance of routine ... if you can find a good method and stick to it, then things will hopefully click into place. Okay, I'm stating the obvious there! No doubt there are better organisers than myself and I take my hat off to them. I myself have determined that the only thing I can do is "try" to stick to a routine. A simple little word, yet it's a toughy to accomplish sometimes. With littlies who can sense a change in the air, they know instinctively it's time to tell mum 'if you think you're gonna do some study mum, you've got another thing coming'.

Oh dear, it's only early stages of Semester One yet I'm already thinking 'What have you done Maree?' But then I look at the wee faces around me, think of where I want to be in five to ten years time and think of the time that has past already. This is the time to do it, I can't turn back the clock, I can only look forward. Sleepless nights, I'm used to them, so it's just a matter of studying on tired feet and head for that goal. [My goal may be a few years away yet!!!! But oh well, I've at least started. One has to start somewhere and I can at least say I'm off the starting blocks.]

At first the plan was to keep quiet about my studies; y'know, just in case I didn't do too well then nobody but the family would know. But then I realised, no, I need to share the news with everyone because without the awhi (support) from others I will find it too hard to work on my own sometimes ... I need only remind myself where Rob and I got keeping our business/financial troubles to ourselves!!! Carrying burdens is exhausting and destructive. I said 2008 would follow on from our commitment to a new life in 2007, and getting back to my studies is exactly in keeping to that commitment.

I'm excited to be sharing in the children's education and I hope to be an inspiration to them by furthering my own education. We share the same table at times to work on our studies, so I do hope they aim high and appreciate the beauty of homeschooling, as much as I appreciate the beauty of extramural studies!

More than likely I will discuss my own studies on our private family blog, but I wanted to add something into the school blog to let you know that although I don't blog regularly, "I" am the reason why the posts may become few and far between!! and also to acknowledge life is a continual road of education.

Encouragement is key, whether it comes from
others or just myself.

I know where life has been but now it's time to be excited
about where life is heading!

BTW: If you're wondering ... BA in Philosophy!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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  1. Ha ha I just emailed you asking what your studying, when I just had to scoll down and read your blog duh!!

    I think Im back online now so I'll be reading and enjoying your blog more so keep writing, how ever short the posts.