Monday, 31 March 2008

Dental Visit

This picture was inspired by our visit to the dental nurse at Ohinemutu this morning. (It really is a pity that the paper we have is bigger than A4 to scan in one go.) Double click as always to get a better view.

DS1 made such a great effort with his artwork. Considering the three of them all require fillings!!!! Boo jolly hoo! It was great to think he was inspired to draw as soon as he got in the door.

Daddy and I have known for months that DS2 would most certainly require fillings, but it came as quite a disappointing shock to discover DS1 and DD1 will need work also. As much as Misa wants to get them in quickly, we asked to make the appointments to fall after DD1's birthday on Thursday. I didn't want anyone upset before then. So, this Friday, DS1 will be the very first of our children to have a filling. What a momentous occasion.

Anyway DS1 was keen to get his work hung in the upstairs bathroom "so everyone will know the rules" he told me!

Bit of a bonus visiting the dental surgery ... the kids all got a new toothbrush each. Most excellent! Now they want to keep one toothbrush upstairs for night-time and another downstairs for after breakfast and lunch. Makes a lot of sense I guess huh?!

I really tried to encourage the children to learn more about what's happening with their baby teeth. Misa was kind enough to go into great detail using the sample teeth. The kids and I were very interested to learn the importance of looking after baby teeth, and having visual aids always makes a difference doesn't it?

I will try to do a longer post in a few days time to discuss school some more ---> once I've got my second Latin assignment away. It's due on Wednesday so fast post it will be for me!!!

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