Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thursday's effort

This morning I asked DS1 to start writing out the first verse of The Owl and the Pussy Cat while I worked with DD1.

Little did I realise he had carried on until he was up to the third verse.

I gave him the opportunity to leave it where he was, but he chose to persevere. By the end of the poem he was quite relieved AND pleased (as well he should be) with his effort. What a champion!

Although we have covered a few things such as punctuation marks, when to use capitals etc, I was certainly pleased with his work and wasn't interested in picking it apart by saying "you didn't do this, or you didn't do that ..." At the moment I'm just working on hand-eye coordination for copywork and neatness.

DD1 had a good try with her handwriting. When she traces over the letters she does very well, but I want her to now write on her own. There's far more concentration when she's got to write by herself as opposed to writing over the dotted letters and I think she's ready to tackle it.

I couldn't resist adding DD1's freehand drawing from last Wednesday when we started learning The Owl and the Pussy Cat. I'm utterly hopeless at drawing but I tried drawing a cat on the whiteboard; more to fill in the white space than for any other reason. Anyway, DD1 sat down and copied my drawing. Didn't she do a brilliant job? She doesn't turn five until April. What a clever biscuit she is!

To finish off school for the lunch break the kids came up with loads of verbs. Once DD1 understood the doing word she was right into it. It was all for a bit of fun to keep them occupied as I sat here to start composing this post, but it turned into a better learning exercise than planned. lol

Well, lunch time is over and the kids have had their trampoline, running and biking exercises. They've made paper kites as well. They were about to go outside to do some flying with them but have now decided to make a third for DS2.

That gives me time to think of what school work we will do this afternoon!

I've also decided to add a photo of a world map with some postcards we've received to date with postcrossing. With very little wall space it's gone up above one of the bi-fold doors. Quite an awkward spot to take a photo of it, but you get the general idea?! We haven't been compulsive about the cards as it can become an expensive as well as time-consuming activity. I'd rather we do a few here and a few there so the kids and I don't lose interest too quickly. [I've mentioned postcrossing in the past, but I thought I'd throw it back in the arena should anyone happen to pass by and decide they'd like to do it too. After all, I was introduced to it via a friend, so it's only fair to share it with others too.]

The day was finished off with loads more play and spelling from 3.15 to 3.30pm (give or take the drink stop).

Et voilà! That's pretty much the end of today's school day.

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  1. Good job with all that handwriting, kids!

    Wow that is a great cat drawing for a four year old (she does better than me, LOL).