Thursday, 7 February 2008

Thinking of Nature Studies

With having baby no. 5 in December I've found myself running out of time (and energy) to sit down and do any posting, but I'm trying to fit some posts in from now on. Considering I don't have a huge following of readers, LOL, it's actually for myself that I try to get some posts done because having the blog really has proven its weight in gold this past year to document the children's progress. So, anyway, what shall I discuss today? Well, how about nature studies?

As I'm keen to know what other kiwis are using in the way of NZ text, I posed the question to the ANZ CM group. I'm not sure if the post NZ Nature Study Guides over on 4girls was in response to me but I'll say it was. Right on Christmas Eve I also received a link to download the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock ... just under 800 pages! Eek!! Huge!!

Thank you to Jane for getting the link to me. I don't know how "rapidshare" works, but that's how Jane got the large file to me. [This is one of the many growing reasons I'm now finding myself wishing I could have broadband ... and yes I have enquired, but due to where we live we're outta luck at this stage.]

We joined the Kiwi Conservation Club at the end of November last year so that should prove helpful also. It's like everything else though, sitting there waiting for me to action/implement ... so one had better hurry up and catch up with this jolly blogging to get school operating more effectively huh?! Absolutely!

Right-oh then, I think I'll leave it there for now. DD2 has played tag to sleep with DS3 so I have him feeding as I try to type this post. I think I've given the general gist with Nature Studies. Basically, the idea for our family is to [attempt] to follow Ambleside as much as possible, adjusting wherever necessary and probably do like other bloggers and create a separate blog for our subjects ... well, nature at least.

Oops, one last thing for anyone interested in checking out a Nature blog. I enjoy it, even if the majority won't be found in our part of the world eh!

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