Monday, 18 February 2008

Feels like a long week already - and it's only Monday

Silence please! School is now in session!

Saturday, Sunday and Monday have been spent mainly dealing with scanning the children's work and starting up separate blogs for DS1 and DD1. It's been great putting anything and everything to their blogs not having to worry about whether I've put their Christian names anywhere. I realise a lot of folk are okay with sharing names and combining their personal life in their school blogs and there's nothing wrong with that, it's just that this is the way ours has panned out.

But anyway, I've had fun creating the blogs and it's quite exciting to think that one day they'll be able to take over their own blogs and watch the changes within themselves as they grow. How exciting is that? I guess I get a similar sense of that excitement when I look back at my diaries I have written since a child and reminisce (and giggle) over the language and style of writing I used.

I bought some recorders on TradeMe last week and they've all arrived now. So the children are learning their first "real" instruments. They're very excited and have had fun giving a few notes a shot. Although we have a piano which the kids have "tinkered" on, I decided to choose the recorder to start with, more for the reasoning that I know when one is practicing, they can all practice. With the piano there is only one and they all clamber for it, so this way we can all have the same instrument and all practice together. Now I just want to make sure I hold their interest.

When it comes to arts and crafts I would put my hand up and admit neither are my strong suit. I need to follow someone else's ideas and instructions but I'm trying to improve in this area. The kids have always enjoyed drawing and making things so it's just a matter of mum trying to participate. And why wouldn't I when I have great kids who can make such uplifting comments like, "wow mum that's great!", or "that's a great idea mum!" Gosh, it feels nice getting compliments, doesn't it!? lol

Here's a look at DD1's A to Z train. With a little help from big brother and mum to finish it yesterday we had a lot of fun watching the train grow over the last fortnight.

The kids always get plenty of exercise but the latest toy has certainly been getting its share of use ... DS1 even gets his baby sister on there without trouble ...

and that's the beauty of having nets!

Tell you what too! I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to move when I was mowing the lawns on the weekend! Granted daddy did come over to help in the end, but it's good to know I can shift it to mow.

So, school is centred around arts and crafts and as always loads of play with a dash of bookwork thrown in for good measure. DS1 is working on learning the correct spelling of words now. DD1 is still coming to grips with "a-t". It's like one step forward, two steps back with her. One minute we're away then the next she forgets so we start again. Oh well, it hasn't bothered me. I've now learned to let her go at her pace and find a groove that works for her.

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  1. I Love the title of this post....I had the same sort of Monday this week. LOL


  2. Phew that does sound like a busy day.
    They look cute with their recorders.