Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Adding Library Books to Blog and starting Blogs for the kids

Not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've started to add my library books to our blog. (Scroll down on the right-hand side.) It's a good idea for the mere fact of locating, as well as reminding oneself what one is building up in one's library now. Like so many of us, our book shelves start bursting at the seams, yet we continue to purchase more books, games or anything that is helpful for school. This week for instance I've bought half a dozen more items ... books and recorders ... oh, and the trampoline and trees if you want to be pedantic. It's interesting when I note some people will say "I don't know how I did it, but I've doubled up on buying ..." So I figure by having a list of books then perhaps, P-E-R-H-A-P-S, I won't get caught doubling up on anything. Well, one can only hope so at least.

Two hundred books is all you can load before you have to pay on LibraryThing. Without wanting to use the p-word again, but I will anyway, it all depends how pedantic you want to get about all your books. Depending if you want to go hard out and put EVERY book on there, then for a reasonable price of $10 per year otherwise $25 for a lifetime, one can load all the books one thinks necessary. BTW, that's USD not NZD. Overall, if that's your kind of thing, then it's not a huge outlay is it? Google has something similar, but I chose LibraryThing because it just seemed better thought-out.

But hey, I'm not here trying to promote or demote anything, just chatting about what I've introduced on my blog and why. And, just to let you know, I've only loaded 18 books to date! Trying to catch up with my blogs, get school work going and every other general chore I have on a daily basis, 18 books is good for me. It is S-O-O-O cool the way you can pop in the ISBN number and voila there's the book! I've never found much use for ISBN's before, but this is terrific cos you get the right publication.

So, we've established I like LibraryThing. Terrific, let's move on to my other chat for the day. Starting new blogs for the kids...

This is still in the "thinking" stage. I haven't worked out what or how to do this yet. All I know is, it's a good idea to start splitting off the school work. Take this past fortnight for example, the kids have been really productive with their arts and crafts. I'd like to record everything and this would be an easier way to go about it. Let's think about it for a minute, I mean, when we went to school we had different exercise books for different subjects, so this is along the same train of thought. My only dilemma is what to call them and do I make one for DS1, DD1 etc? And if I do that, do I make separate ones for art, nature etc? It'll turn into a tree with loads of branches ... just thinking out loud.

Perhaps one my readers (all three of you!!! lol) could leave a thought or three about it. Whatever happens, I will start new blogs very shortly, because if you take a good look at this photo of my workstation, I just HAVE to create the blog/s because inventory is about to lose control ... everything is building up waiting to be recorded!!!! AARGH!!!!

As I write this, the kids are STILL creating things. I'd never think up ideas like this lot. They are so creative with just the simplest things ... paper, sticky tape, crayons and if they manage to find a use for anything else, yep, then that too!!!

Right-oh, DS3 has awoken, so that's a good reminder to hop off the computer.

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ka kite ano
Here's an after-thought ... individual blogs for each child, but just use tags on blogs to indicate subjects. Okay, now just to give blog names that won't tie me to this idea, ie if I decide the subjects are worth moving to their own category then the name of blogs "now" need not confuse readers (and writers) in the future if we chsnge. Confused? Not to worry, I understand what I mean.

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