Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Windy Wednesday

Not a great deal of outside play today. Unfortunately we had very strong winds this afternoon which for DS2 especially wasn't fair. He loves being outside, so it was quite difficult to coax him inside.

About the biggest highlight of the day was around lunchtime when an RNZAF C130H Hercules flew into Rotorua Airport. I managed to get a good close-up photo as it slowed down just east of our home.

As we live relatively close to the Airport, we have grown accustomed to seeing the Hercules on many occasions. One of (my) favourite airplanes to watch is the parachute plane (or the shark we sometimes refer to it as because it has a shark's mouth painted on the nose). My younger brother tells me its a modified Fletcher top-dresser, so there you go.

It's fun to try and see the parachutists jumping out. It's a good exercise in counting as well as distinguishing colours and following directions (ie as I describe where to look in the sky). Also, it's a helpful exercise on say, days like today, when the wind would control where the parachutists are deployed. On average there is a specific point where the parachutists will descend. But on a windy day it's a good lesson to explain to the children about westerlies etc by using the parachutes as an example.

But I digress ...

Today's school work mainly centred around mathematics. DS1 is on Alpha with MUS and although when we received Alpha I felt he could start from where we've reached today, I chose to start him from the beginning so that he (1) got the hang of what the workbook looked like, and (2) built up his confidence that he is capable of doing the workload; especially when we did his first "test".

On the MUS yahoo group there was a thread recently where some children were struggling with Lesson 8 "Solve the Unknown". Here I was thinking DS1 would be the same, so again I thought I'd better start further back to help encourage him feel confident enough to attempt this part.

Wow, I was absolutely thrilled with his response to the first exercise. I don't know whether to describe him as having "breezed" through them as that sounds far too confident, but I honestly have to say I was very, very pleased with him.

As for DD1 on Primer, she's still having trouble differentiating between 6 and 9. Today I tried to remind myself to count to 10 and let her go at her own pace. I know she'll click soon enough. She really enjoys using the manipulatives which are fun as well as educational and I know they are helping her.

Other than that the children did art ... okay, so it was colouring in and not a craft project, but these were pictures they wanted to colour in, so we can call that art still can't we?

As for myself, I spent a good chunk of the day occupied with DD2. For some reason (not sure if it was due to the windy weather) but she didn't want to sleep. Again I had to try and practice counting to 10 and accept schooling wouldn't cover as many subjects as I planned.

So, that's basically Wednesday's schooling.

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