Saturday, 17 November 2007

He Manu

With Pukeko only a matter of metres from our deck lately it feels like an opportune moment to start learning some of our native manu (birds).

Starting from top left to right, these are the birds I've chosen to get us started.
  • Kākāriki is a nice introduction. The children already know Kākāriki means 'green' in Māori so it's not a difficult name to remember. (Kākāriki = red-crowned parakeet)
  • Pīwakawaka - chosen because they are such a common bird really. There's every likelihood you'll see them wherever you are in Aotearoa. (Pīwakawaka = Fantail)
  • Ruru - our native owl. Owls are a recognisable bird so I figure it's an easier bird to learn at this stage. (Ruru = Morepork)
  • Tūī - a beautiful songbird that imitates other birds' calls and has glossy-black plumage and two white tufts at the throat. We hear them at home here, but get a better sighting of them when we're at nana and koro's; probably because their trees are closer to their house! (Tūī = Parson Bird); and last but not least
  • Kiwi - chosen because the children already know this bird. This flightless, nocturnal bird is of course our national symbol. (Kiwi = Kiwi)
So, that's our list of birds to learn over the next week or so.

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ka kite ano

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  1. Hey Maree!

    I know my kids are bright intelligent lttle souls but when i read your blogs I feel like I need to rush off and do some remedial work, particularly about grammer, handwriting and and your whanau are doing so well, i don't know how you make time to write about it