Monday, 12 November 2007

Pukeko in the area and Monday's school

Pukeko are common throughout New Zealand and it's not as though we haven't seen them around us somewhere at home, however, it would appear they've made a nest closer to home than ever before.On Friday I thought I heard their distinctive sound but couldn't actually see them. Then on Sunday I noticed in the distance what appeared to be a "family". Well, the adults you can make out quite clearly, but not expecting to see wee ones was quite a treat. Then later in the evening I saw the mummy and daddy scouting around so I quickly had the children come outside so we could watch them. Again, the chicks were too far away to make out clearly, but the kids were excited nonetheless to see them.

The reaction by the goats was surprising. They were quite scared of them. They stood in their usual frightened stance - like when cats or dogs come too close!


We were doing our school work at the dining room table today and as I was juggling baby on my
lap while listening to DS1 doing his reading, we saw this crane arrive. So, we quickly tried to get some more school work squeezed in before I allowed the kids to get some real life experience of watching it operate. The novelty of watching for myself is well and truly done and dusted. After umpteen dozen buildings daddy built requiring this kind of machinery, I don't need to watch any more.

My photo on the left isn't what I wanted to capture. I think because I was too busy trying to get the crane in the shot, I didn't encapsulate the children watching the machine and discussing what they saw quite like I wanted.
The photo on the right is DS1 looking very official going up to Bruce to pay him on behalf of T&A. I grabbed one of daddy's old building hardhats to add a touch of importance to his role!

Lunch time followed the completion of the crane work, and shortly thereafter the children enjoyed PE. We've got everything set up nowadays ... the basketball hoop, mini tramp, cricket set, then of course their bikes and wheelbarrow with digging equipment. Speaking of digging, we're preparing to do the SOTW1 Archaeology dig some time this week. Today's out because of the unexpected interruption; but then you get used to unscheduled interruptions with homeschooling don't you? It seems to be part and parcel of being at home.

Our homeschooling friends popped in briefly around 3.30-4 o'clock. That was great to see them, albeit briefly. The poor things are up for review next month. Eek! Here I am dreading applying for our exemption, but to be faced with a review, yuck! As much I know they'll breeze through the exercise, I'm sure it must be as nerve-racking an experience to cause sleepless nights like I'm bound to face leading up to my exemption application I bet!?

Speaking of exemption, how's the draft going Maree? .... ask me another day please!

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