Sunday, 25 November 2007

Children experience their first live Orchestra and first Children's Christmas Party

Last night I took DS1 and DD1 to their very first live orchestra. We enjoyed a two-hour free family proms concert by the Trust Waikato Symphony Orchestra, held at the Rotorua Civic Theatre.

They felt very "big" handing the usher their tickets. He then let me know we were allowed to keep them so I thought they would make a lovely momento.

Luckily it started at 6.30pm otherwise I would've been carrying DD1 out for sure. She became tired in the second half but the conductor had the audience become involved by standing to sing Land of Hope and Glory by Sir Edward Elgar. I knew some of the words but, as we didn't have a concert program, it was all a matter of just standing and swaying with the kids to enjoy the occasion. I remember it from each year's Last Night of the Proms that we would watch on telly. The kids really enjoyed the idea of "getting involved", as did mummy.

Luckily the conductor then announced the finale would be Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. I couldn't have been more pleased as I knew the canon sounds would promptly "awaken" DD1 should she happen to drift off! Sure enough, they did the trick which was most satisfying for mummy as I truly didn't fancy having to carry her to the car ... not at 37-38 weeks pregnant!

Both children truly loved their evening out. I wish I could have taken a photo of them. To have captured their expressions on camera would have been so priceless. DS1 clapped so enthusiastically and tried to be in time with the cymbals as best he could. Reminding them to speak quietly was practically pointless, but honestly, who really cares at a family event such as this?

"What beautiful music mummy," DS1 squealed with delight. "Look there's cellos, violins, bassoons, cymbals, a triangle ...."

As we were sitting rather close to the stage they couldn't see many of the instruments but would call out "that's the timpani drums etc" as and when they recognised the sound. Gorgeous. Well done kids!

Our drive home was wonderful. They couldn't stop talking about so many aspects of the evening. As you can imagine, they were filled with explanation to daddy when we got home.

So thanks Auriel for reminding me the concert was on. We all enjoyed ourselves and hopefully we'll all be doing it again next year!

Sunday was another big day. The three older kids were off with their nana from Tauranga to:

Daddy and I arrived in good timing to pick them up ... after they'd already collected their gifts from Santa and Mrs Claus. The weather was hideously hot and luckily nana had a good place under a tree. What little breeze came along was welcome. I'm glad daddy, DD2 and I arrived when we did. Had we been there any earlier I think I would have fainted from sheer heat exhaustion. DD2 really enjoyed her little experience. That's the first time our family have all been out to such an event together. It was very special, and I'm so proud of our children for being so well-behaved and appreciative of what the day provided.

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  1. You have every right to be so proud of your children. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, you have beautiful children, beautiful in all ways. They are growing and you are growing with them. I can't tell you how good it is to have you as a friend, an inspiration and a support. That's a lovely photo of dd2 by the way. I love reading your blog