Friday, 23 November 2007

Life skills

Like most households, before we start our day there are chores to be done.

While I do the dishes, the children wipe down the table and chairs.

I'll have the laundry on the go and some days, like today, I have a loaf baking in the breadmaker.

More often than not there is laundry to be folded from the day before. If there's lots to be folded it's all-hands-on-deck, but today there was a small amount so while one child helps me fold ... another will make the beds. As you can see, DD1 is helping with the laundry while DS1 makes the beds.

And finally everyone puts their laundry away in their drawers.

By 10 o'clock we're all done ... and just waiting for DD2 today because mum promised school would include a walk in ...

It's hard to believe how regularly I would frequent the Redwoods pre-kids and then with one or two it became a weekly-come-fortnightly visit, yet nowadays with four it's more of a once-every-three-weeks type deal.

As baby is due in just under 3 weeks, I decided we would only do a short track today. I was absolutely right to stick to the short walk too! Oh, the kids were fine and no doubt would have gone for longer had I indicated a change in plans, but mummy decided she couldn't walk longer than she did.

Such a funny thing, it doesn't matter how many times I go there I will always look around and remember: running a certain track; meeting a friend at this particular point; greet the many regulars you knew at certain times of the day; talk to the bus loads of foreign visitors with pride about our area; plus cut it fine to drive out of there before the gate closed me in!!!! I have always felt safe there, whether on my own or with the children. It's beautiful whether it's sunny, raining or windy. Basically I guarantee an enjoyable visit should you ever be in our neck of the woods (mind the pun).

Not that you can probably make the kids out in the photo, but I tried to catch them as they were running on ahead of me.

BTW we managed two walks this week, so that wasn't too bad an effort was it?

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