Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Audiology Visit

I didn't intend posting DS2's audiology appointment on the school blog, but then I considered it was an educational event nonetheless so I'll give a brief breakdown on this morning's appointment.

DS2 celebrated his 3rd birthday today and although a visit to an audiology clinic wasn't part of our plans for the day, we decided to attend for the sake of eliminating any hearing problems once and for all.

The Clinician took us to the first of two rooms we'd be using and as we settled DS2 in his seat, she first takes out an
Otoscope. How do I know it's called an Otoscope? Because our eldest son told us so. The Clinician (Aura) was explaining what she would be doing and as she was saying "I'll be using this instrument to ..." DS1 pipes up and very matter-of-factly tells everyone "it's called an Otoscope". Daddy, mummy AND Aura all looked at him with the same "surprised" expression.

"You're absolutely right" said Aura. Wow!!! I have to save I felt very proud; surprised! but proud.

Okay, so after that exciting moment, we watch our wee man having his middle ear tested.

As expected, DS2 has no problem there. So, we left that tiny room and headed for the next room ... with two doors. DS2 was more intrigued by the two doors than anything else to begin with.

However, Aura quickly had DS2 seated and to my surprise had him understanding what was required next. The simple drill of listening for the beeps and placing the blocks in a hole ... I wasn't sure if he'd cooperate, but phew! he was a good boy and did exactly as he was asked.

The same test was repeated but with a different headset that rests to either side of the ear and vibrates. DS2 sailed through everything.

And the final test was with earplugs and the computer. To be honest, I've forgotten what this did, but the graphs looked very pretty and according to Aura DS2 was perfect. Like, hello! I already know that, lol

So, the long and the short of the visit? Well, our son is three and yes, he isn't speaking many words at this stage, however, his hearing is perfect.

Did we need to take him to have his hearing tested? No, probably not, but it does provide a sense of comfort knowing he's fine. I would rather eliminate that possibility and have the verbal ammunition when anyone enquires if he's "deaf", or "behind", or whatever other quaint ways they have in pretty much implying he's "slow".

Will we go down the track of speech therapy? More than likely the answer is no, but in saying that, I have my curiosity about the experience and figure it would be a means of free education for DS1 etc. Like I said to daddy, "who knows what clever things DS1 might know and say with the speech therapist!!!" So, we'll play it by ear (mind the pun, hee hee) and decide on that when the time comes.

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