Saturday, 16 September 2017

Week 8 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!


Tamāhine 2's birthday today.  Here's the piñata her big sister made for her.


Horse-riding: Little ones walked first, then the big kids.  We almost called it quits on returning to the paddock with the young kids as the weather became incredibly cold and we weren't sure if the spitting would turn into anything more substantial.  As luck would have it, the clouds decided to clear long enough for us to head out with the older kids. Their walk was a lot longer. I really enjoyed the lengthier hīkoi  I didn't take any photos today. Too much yakking and just keeping an eye on little kids navigating their way along footpaths!!

Tama 2 completed MUS Pre-Algebra 24F
Tama 3 - we worked on fractions on IXL - found a really basic lesson and will build up from here.
Tama 4

Social Studies
Tama 2 - Start Right.  Human Rights.

IXL - English - starting from the beginning for all the young ones.

Tama 2 - one page of Start Right.

Band Practice for tama 1 tonight accompanied by whaiāipo again.  

Noticed my blog had over 100 hits for last week's post.  Considering I'm lucky to get a dozen views this is rather disconcerting.  After some thought, I figure it is probably because it is Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori.  We'll see whether I'm right.  I figure in another week or two at most, the number should drop back down to the usual 6-10 viewers.  I don't know how to find out who looks at my blog, so I'm just goin' with my idea that people are searching for te reo and for some queer reason my blog pops up, just cos I throw in the odd kupu here and there.


Tama 3 and tamāhine 2 worked together on IXL.  Tamāhine struggled big time, so I broke it up asking them a question each.
Tama 3 then worked on some fractions lessons by himself afterwards.
Tama 4 - three pages MUS Alpha 10A-10C.

Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer - Lessons XXV to XL.
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 4 lesson 33

Tama 3 - We are going to mix it up with Latin and use Prima Latina as well.  So, today we looked at lesson 1.

Copywork following lunch.

Poetry - Mr Nobody - Anonymous

Language Arts
First Language Lessons Lessons 13 and 14

Mary Poppins Chapter 12.  It turns out that is the end of Mary Poppins.  We will now commence Mary Poppins Comes Back.

Aesop's Fables
The Bat and the Weasels

Goops and how to be them

IXL English
Everyone corroborated with a really simple exercise to finish off the school day.

Band tonight


Tama 3 - MUS Delta 24E
Tama 4 - Start Right and MUS Alpha 10D.
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tamāhine 1 - MUS Pre-Algebra 32C

IXL English

Reading Eggs - Tama 4 Map 4 lesson 34
McGuffey - Tamāhine 2 - Lesson XLI to XLV

Martial Arts tonight at Ngongotaha.


Tama 3 - Finished Start Right Year 1. Then he did MUS Alpha 10E and 10F.
Tamāhine 2 - IXL - measuring in centimetres and digital clock.
Tama 3 - IXL fraction review (very simple) MUS Delta 24

Tama 3 - Reading Eggs - Map 4 lesson 35
Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey XLVI to LII.  This is now fully completed.

Read a poem to begin with - Our History by Catherine Cate Coblentz

SOTW - What is archaeology.  Watched the following:

Also read the next section: The First Nomads

Read Chapter 1 Mystery of History

Read-Aloud - The Christmas Day Kitten from James Herriot's Treasury for Children.


Tama 3 - Test 23 (oops, I obviously went straight into lesson 24, forgetting we had the test to complete).  Oh well, it'll be a test today and Monday.
Tama 4 - MUS Alpha - Test 10, then we moved into Lesson 11.  Bowled that over and finished off with Test 11.


While the kids were playing, following lunch, I received a few messages for business. By the time I had all of that sorted, I decided to flag academics. The weather was really lovely; a nice, warm spring afternoon. The first "decent" day (ie  sunny without a cold breeze) in who-remembers-how-long!


All the boys were out with dad in the city this morning. They returned around 2 o'clock. We had kai ready - they were all starving, and very grateful to sit down to a meal straight away.

Because I missed off the kids reading yesterday, I squeezed it in during one of the many showers we had today.  Typical kiwi weather.  I'm well and truly over this rain.

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 4 lesson 36
Tama 5 - Reading Eggs Map 1 lesson 5
Tamāhine 2 - We began Frog and Toad Storybook Treasury.  (I used this with tama 3 some time ago, if you recall.)  She read the first six pages of Frog and Toad are Friends. I thought we'd read some of these stories before returning to the next McGuffey text.

Spent a good chunk of my day gathering my thoughts for geography and history next week.  I have a few things to print out.  Wish I had more hours in the day.

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Week 7 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!


Father's Day - yay! we actually spent the bulk of the day with whaiāipo. He only had one small call-out.

He spent the rest of the day building a shelter for the goats with the kids.

Horse-riding:  The weather was pleasant today.  The older kids rode first instead of the younger ones for a change. Noone had a problem with that. :)

The older kids worked on jumping a little higher.  I missed some of their jumps because, of course, I had four other kids to keep an eye on.

Not the best photo of tama 2's jump - I didn't capture him as he was jumping over, but I'll include it anyway.

The young ones went for another walk along the streets.  (No photos, sorry.)

Arrived home around midday.  We ate lunch outside, for the first time this spring.

I worked with tamāhine 2 initially.  We completed two pages in Right Start.
Tama 4 then worked with me on the same two pages.

Copywork for the four younger ones.

Hiding by Dorothy Aldis

First Language Lessons - lesson 8

Aesop's Fables
The Fox and the Grapees, and then, The Goose that Lay the Golden Eggs

Goops and How to Be Them
Introduction and Table Manners

Mary Poppins
Chapter 9

Then it was outside to enjoy the remainder of the afternoon with the animals.  The big kids joined in after they completed their individual studies.

Whaiāipo kindly took tama 1 along to band practice tonight.

I asked whaiāipo to take a photo as tonight was the first time tama 1 wore the snare drum with harness ... but yeah, he didn't!




Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer Lessons XVI to XX
Tama 3 - Reading Eggs

The kids took turns helping Uncle Warrick this afternoon.  By the time they finished it was late in the afternoon, so any academics were shot.

Band Practice tonight. We arrived 10-15 minutes later than usual because I decided to wait for whaiāipo otherwise I'd have had all the kids with me and I couldn't be fagged with that. There was only one parent when I arrived but he left within five minutes as his son had finished his practice, and understandably, dad was keen to head home. So, it was just me all night. Luckily I had brought along something to entertain myself as I waited. Thankfully I had kai cooking away in the crockpot, so we were able to eat as soon as we returned home. We watched last night's election debate and discussed hurled abuse about many of the candidates responses.


Tama 3 - I sat with him and completed one page of Start Right.  Today's lesson was about fractions. Not the best laid out lesson, I don't think.  We also completed MUS Delta 24B. 

Tama 4 and tamāhine 2 - two pages of Start Right.
Tama 4 also completed MUS Delta 9C.  He grasped the concept of nine wants to become a ten"" effortlessly.

Tama 1 completed MUS Algebra 2, test 7.


Read Aloud
Mary Poppins - Chapter 10.  Mentioned in today's chapter were a Barnacle goose and a Hamadryad snake.  As we had no idea what they looked like, we Googled images of them.

Astronomy.  Finally, we began Experience Astronomy.
Tamāhine 1 and tama 2 worked on Apologia/Wile Physical Science.
Tama 1 is doing Advanced Biology, but there is absolutely no expectation to have that subject completed before starting NCEA papers next year.

Tama 1 began his next Latin book.
Tama 3 reviewed Lesson 2 Latin (yes, again - my approach is to move super slowly.  We have a lifetime to master it).

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 3 Quiz.  Rocked it.  He can proceed to Map 4.  He's gaining confidence; not showing as much anxiety as in the past.
Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer.  Lessons XXI to XXV


I fired an e-mail to Te Kura yesterday afternoon to enquire when they require enrolment for the 2018 school year.  Tama 1 will turn 16 in February, which means he can study free.

(If we had the money to put him through Cambridge, I'd steer in that direction, but we just cannot afford that.)

Would you believe we have to wait until he's actually 16?  What?!  You're telling me I have to wait for my kids whose birthdays fall in April and September, I'm expected to wait until their birthdays to enrol them?  What the ....?

In the same reply, I was advised that if I wish to retain homeschool exemption for him, he would only be entitled to do two subjects for free.  That isn't such a big deal.  He'll be at home still to study so that part's fine.

Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer XXVI to XXX
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 4 lesson 31
Tama 5 - Reading Eggs Map 1 lesson 5

My decision to move through each new concept for a few weeks is certainly the best method for tama 3.  He was overwhelmed when I introduced the next lesson.  So, we'll repeat it until I feel confident he understands what's happening.

Today we read The Rainbow by David McCord.  The kids looked at me blankly when I read "croquet." Tama 3 thought I meant the game, cricket.  Good ol' Google.  I found a few images and their expressions changed to, "Oh! That!"

Then we read The Goops - Cleanliness and had a giggle thinking my kids must be Goops!!

Aesop's Fable - The Charcoal-Burner and the Fuller.  I admit I had absolutely no idea what a Fuller was!!!  I have relations with that surname, and that's all I knew about the name Fuller.  If you scroll down this interesting list, you'll read that back in Roman times, slaves had to wade through urine as part of the job to cleanse and thicken woollen cloth.  Whether that's the type of job Aesop meant, I don't know. The only other Fuller I found is a Brewery with that name which has been around over 300 years in England.

Language Arts
First Language Lessons - Lesson 9 and 10


Tama 4 - two or three pages Start Right, completed MUS Alpha 9F
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 24D

Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer - XXXI to XXXV
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 3 Lesson 32

Spring by William Blake


Aesop's Fables
The Mice in Counsel

First Language Lessons
Lessons 11 and 12

The kids coloured in a September calendar page each.

Mary Poppins
Chapter 11 - we looked at a picture of the Pleiades to understand where Maia came from.  Cute chapter.

We repeated Lesson 3. Tama 3 had retained what we learned yesterday, so we added just one more point and left it there. We will revisit next week to reinforce that knowledge before moving ahead. Two days per week, covering one lesson/chapter. Whether it takes two or three weeks to master the concept, or even four, then that's what we'll do.  I'm happy if we complete five chapters by Christmas.

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Week 6 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!


Nana Nancy and adopted-Nana Maureen brought Barry for a visit.  He heads back to Ōtepoti on Tuesday, so this morning was the best time to catch up before whaiāipo and the boys went off to mahi.

Our workers arrived home just after 5 o'clock.  I thought I'd cooked a large meal, but they certainly powered through it with ease.


Rain, rain and a whole lot more rain!!!!!!!!!  

We struggled having the goats inside.  I allowed them out of their cage in order to clean up this morning, but boy! did they want to get into mischief.  They were trying to jump up at the table to nab the kids paperwork - Maths was interrupted many times.  We put them outside frequently, for some light relief!!!  This is the barricade we constructed in the end.  It had to be as high as possible because the cheeky hounds could jump out.  Not the most attractive photo, I grant you, but there was no way I could leave them outside in such atrocious weather all day.
Part of our shed flooded - the firewood on the shed floor was wet which meant I had to employ the older kids services to take it to another bay.  

We really need to find the money to arrange a digger to trench behind the shed and down to the lake. This winter has been the worst on record at our Tikitere home.

School work resumed around 2.00pm or 2.30pm.

Tamāhine 2 and tama 4 completed three pages Start Right
Tama 3 - managed one page Start Right
Tama 5 - IXL - two lessons

Somewhere by Walter de la Mare

Language Arts
First Language Lessons - Lesson 5

Mary Poppins Chapter 6

Reading -
Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey's Eclectic Reader - Lessons 6-10
Reading Eggs - Tama 5 - repeated lesson 4
Reading Eggs - Tama 4 - lesson 29

Thank goodness!  No rain today.  Animals outside.  Furniture in its rightful place.  Coffee enjoyed without interruption. Aaah.  It was a good start to the day.

Tamāhine 2 - Start Right
Tama 3 - Start Right
Tama 4 - Start Right

Language Arts
First Language Lesson 6

Read-Aloud - Mary Poppins Chapter 7

The afternoon we spent playing outside, baking and chores.

All four kids attended learner's night tonight.  As we drove home, tama 1 told me his tutor asked him to start attending the Monday night band practices.  That's exciting news.

Thankfully the weather faired better this morning which meant we could proceed with our horse-riding.

The younger kids rode on the road again today - a much longer trek than last week.  Tama 3 rode bareback, plus, he had tama 5 ride with him most of the time.
Upon returning to the paddock, tama 5 rushed to the van.  I headed over to ask if everything was okay, and here he was rummaging around in his little money box (why he had brought it with him, I do not know!)  I enquired to as to what he was doing with the coins in his hand, and he replied, "I have to pay Tash for riding."  :) :) :)
No academics this afternoon for the younger ones.  Our lesson didn't start until 10 o'clock today.  As it's a three-hour lesson, we didn't finish until 1.00pm.  By the time we returned home, finished the usual chores and ate lunch, it was well after 2 o'clock.

Kids were late to martial arts tonight.  Whaiāipo didn't leave his last job as early as he had hoped.  If only he had rung me to take them instead.  Hei aha.

Tama 3 completed once page from Start Right
Tama 4 and tamāhine 2 completed two pages

Tama 3 and I repeated our portion from last week and then attempted the next portion.

Copywork before lunch.

Language Arts
Lesson 7 First Language Lessons

SOTW Volume 1 - Introduction.

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 3, lesson 30
Tama 5 - Reading Eggs Map 1, lesson 5
Tamāhine 2 - McGuffey Primer lessons 15-20


We celebrated the last day of winter, eating lunch outside, :)

Lo, The Winter is Past - The Bible
For, lo, the winter is past,
The rain is over and gone,
The flowers appear on the earth;
The time of the singing of birds is come,
And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land.

Martial arts in Rotoma tonight.


Maths - we used IXL today for the younger ones.


We had a visitor after lunch.  We didn't continue academics once our guest left. The kids exercised the animals.  Our neighbour popped across to speak to me around 3 or 4 o'clock. Unfortunately, one of the drakes was found dead on their property.  The kids collected the duck and brought him home. I didn't fancy asking the kids to return to books after that.  What we didn't achieve today, we will simply push to Monday.

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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Week 5 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Martial Arts training at Rotoma this morning.  We dropped the kids off and came home because whaiāipo had a callout.
Okay, my aim for this week is to include a few more subjects and to take note as best as I can, what we manage.  This is obviously terribly boring for others, but it will be useful for me to know what we need to tweak.

At the moment I'm not expecting to load any academics on a Monday after horseriding, until the weather improves, and days become longer.  My energy levels are kaput on Monday afternoons.  I think everyone will have more enthusiasm once the days are warmer.

I have mentioned before that our down-time is during winter.  We usually pick up in spring.  This year is just a little different due to the introduction of horseriding on Mondays.  I am thinking that once our lessons return to being two hours, as opposed to three, I'll find that boost within myself to include academics on Monday afternoons.



The kids rode their horses on the suburban streets today.  The younger kids took a shorter route.
The big kids manoeuvred their horses around a roundabout.
They had not long passed a house with yappy little dogs which spooked their horses. Here are the little culprits (looking innocent).
Fortunately Nadia, their trainer, pre-warned them about the dogs. Thankfully the big kids must have learned enough skills to have brought their horses under control when they darted onto the road at the sound of the yapping - and with an oncoming vehicle approaching!

The little ones spied a worm which meant we lagged behind the big kids even further as we discussed worms.  Maybe I can count that as nature study this week?
  I noticed this neat letter box with a horse.  Seems appropriate to add it as part of our horseriding.
After lunch, we headed upstairs for a pre-spring clean-up.  We moved the girls' room around. We also swapped the boys' beds so that the slat bed was away from their wardrobe.  As much as we can ask them - the younger ones especially - not to stand on the bed to reach the higher levels in the wardrobe (or jump on the bed for that matter) ... the evidence is all too clear it has been done. Two semi-broken boards on tama 4's bed. Humph!

The downstairs can wait a day or two.


Didn't get kura underway until around 9.30am.  I raced through some mahi for whaiāipo as quickly as I could, after morning chores.

Tama 3 revised estimation in Start Right
Tama 4 completed MUS Alpha 8A and one page in Start Right
Tama 5 completed one lesson in IXL
Tamāhine 2 completed one page in Start Right

Tama 4, tama 5 and tamāhine 2 continued with their cursive
Tama 3 made a lovely job of his cursive copywork

Physical Education
While the weather's fine we'll spend a good chunk of the early afternoon outside.  Chores are always allocated for this time of the day also.

Just So Stories - How the Leopard Got His Spots
Mary Poppins - Chapter 2

Tama 3 and Tama 4 - Reading Eggs
Tamāhine 2 - The Apples of Idun (read about half the story)

I think our lesson took about 20 minutes(?) I tried asking tama 3 if he could guess what a few Latin words might mean in English.

We had band practice tonight.  Tama 2 and tamāhine 1 stayed home.  Tama 2 still has a tickly throat. As for tamāhine 1, she nursed a sore ear.  We decided it would be best to stay home.  The practice was very quiet.  Only I and one other parent were there tonight.  For the few kids who attended, they were fortunate if they were pipers.  There were three instructors!


Tamāhine 1 - Algebra 1 Lesson 31D
Tama 3 - One page Start Right
Tama 4 - One page Start Right, MUS Alpha Lesson 8

Handwriting and Copywork
Tamāhine 1 - one page
Tama 3 - two pages cursive
Tama 4 and tama 5 - two pages - letter D

Language Arts
First Language Lessons - Lesson 1 and 2

Read Aloud
Mary Poppins - Chapter 3

Physical Education following lunch

Everybody Says by Dorothy Aldis

Tama 4 and tama 5 - Reading Eggs
Tamāhine 2 completed The Apples of Idun

Technology - young ones worked on a project using computers and Kindles.

Big kids - TKD this evening at Ngongotaha.


Tama 1 - Algebra 2 Test 8
Tama 4 - one page Start Right, 8C and 8D MUS Alpha
Tama 5 - two Kindergarten lessons IXL
Tamāhine 2 - two pages Start Right

Tamāhine 2 -The Farmer and the Stork
Tama 4 - Lesson 27 or was it 28? Reading Eggs
Tama 5 - Lesson 4 Reading Eggs

Kids practiced one page each

Mary Poppins - Chapter 4

Repeated yesterday's poem, then read My Inside-Self

Language Arts - Lesson 3 First Language Lessons

Physical Education

The young ones tried their hand at playing the recorder while I mowed the lawns.


Yesterday, while I was mowing, I had tama 2 tidy this trolley thingy that whaiāipo had won a couple of summers ago.It holds beverages and ice when entertaining outside. Considering we don't entertain, it has housed the likes of petrol and oil cans in the shed to keep out of reach of little fingers. Well, anyway, the other night I was thinking to myself how useful this trolley would be in the house to store the school books we are using each day. Fast forward to tama 2 cleaning it up yesterday.  I allowed it to dry completely overnight and then, this morning, I popped the books inside. Wicked! My kitchen bench is now clutter-free. Quite simply, I'm wondering why I never thought of it before. 

Didn't quite achieve everything I had planned today.  We had two visitors straight after lunch, which means I've had to push a few subjects out to next week.  Kei te pai.

Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 Lesson 6D
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 24A
Tama 4 - One page Start Right, MUS Alpha 8E and 8F
Tamāhine 2 - One page Start Right

Handwriting and Copywork

Poetry - continued to memorise The Caterpillar by Christina G Rossetti.  Also, read Washing by John Drinkwater.

Language Arts - Lesson 4 First Language Lessons

Latin - Tama 3.  I know I'll need to repeat this lesson a couple of times.  Mea culpa.  I didnt' teach him English grammar like I did the others at his age.

Read Aloud  - Chapter 5 Mary Poppins

I am impressed with tama 4's art piece from listening to today's chapter.  He truly captured the essence.

Tamāhine 2 read from McGuffey's Eclectic Readers.


Tama 1 and tama 2 headed out to work with whaiāipo for the day.  We drove into the city to deliver them some lunch. They looked very muddy. They are digging and laying all the underfloor piping for five flats. They will continue tomorrow if the weather is fine.

While we were in the city I went into Warehouse Stationery to buy an ink cartridge for our printer, together with a few other stationery items.  Awesome, I can finally print the Study Guides I have thought about using.


Tamāhine 1 spent time with the younger ones to create these cute bookmarks:
That leaves Science, Geography and History we didn't complete this week.

Here's a cute photo of the nanny goat desperate for her milk. Her brother had actually jumped up first, but of course, he wasn't likely to jump again just because I was hoping to capture him also. At least I caught her though.
Here's one more of the little madam, quite content and looking gorgeous.  She loves lying on this chair.  Her brother isn't fussed. Jump on it, for sure, but he tends to lie next to the fire or in one particular corner of the bi-fold doors.

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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Week 4 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Tama 1 learned to stall his plane during his flying lesson today.  We had clear vision of him each time he flew over home. While he was flying, tama 2 joined another tour of the flight control.


At horse-riding, the kids attempted what is referred to as "Around the World" for the first time today. The younger ones had their turns, first. When it was the older kids' turn, they had an added element - lying across the horse while raising their arms and legs. Everyone slipped off at some point however.

We finally enjoyed some warm weather during our lesson!!  Plus, we ended at exactly the right time because, within half an hour of finishing, it rained.  Periods of heavy showers for the rest of the day.

The afternoon was spent chilling out for the little ones and practicing instruments, whereas for our little man:

This afternoon, tama 2 decided to complete a page in his Start Right Logic, Reasoning and Problem Solving book.

He also completed another page from Start Right Social Studies Year 7, Unit 1, Changing Our World. It's all about the early suffrage movement in Aotearoa.  (We could do with a library visit to assist with this topic.)

Tamāhine 1 spent time in the kitchen this afternoon.  She decided to attempt making frozen yoghurt. She also obliged her mother by making some naan bread to accompany my buttered chicken and tikka masala for kai tonight.


A birthday in the household - Whaiāipo turned 53.  Tamāhine 2, tama 4 and tama 5 were my chocolate birthday cake helpers today.

Typically in our family, we take the day off for birthdays.  For the most part we did, however, we ensured we completed a few subjects.


Tama 1 moved into Lesson 6.  Perfect score for today.  Goodie.

Tamāhine 1 - lesson 30 test (Algebra).  Only a couple wrong.

Tama 3 - Worked on IXL today. Under the section Additions "Choose Numbers with a Particular Sum." As I mentioned, I am wanting to spend time reviewing.  This looked like a great place to start - and fun for him to use the computer.

Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra Lesson 26D.  Only a couple wrong.  I can always guarantee he will return to these questions and won't move on until he has the correct answers.

Tama 4 - Alpha Lesson 7.  Far too easy, but I mix his maths between MUS, IXL on the computer and Start Right.  He loves his maths, unlike the phobia he has in learning to read.  To keep his spirits up, I mix his maths to master that subject at least.  

We read from Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories this afternoon.  Today's story was "How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin."

Kids had band practice tonight.  The exciting news is, tamāhine 1 was sent home with:

 Inside the cool bag:
Last week tamāhine 1 told me that her instructor said she was "this" close to getting pipes.  Holy cow! I didn't realise that meant she'd have them this week!!!  How cool is that?  I seriously didn't expect her to have them until she'd been playing a year. That's what others had indicated. She's only been playing for what - 28 weeks? Wow!  Way to go tamāhine!



Tama 3 finally finished the unit on Statistics in his Start Right Maths.  We did the next page as well - Number/Algebra: Addition by splitting numbers.  Funny how you are used to doing this in your head, then needing to explain it becomes a challenge!  I chose to use this particular lesson to teach tama 3 another method of subtraction, as part of our reviewing.

Tama 4:  MUS Alpha Lesson 7B-7C and one page from Start Right Maths.

Tamāhine 2: One page from Start Right Maths.

Tama 1: Algebra 2, Lesson 6B.

The afternoon we spent taking care of animals, then exercise for the younger ones.  I prepared kai in plenty of time for the big kids to eat before TKD in Ngongotaha tonight.


I muddled up our school day today.  A really shocking excuse too: I didn't watch the final of Masterchef Australia last night, so I watched it straight after breakfast.

Watching that, together with a visitor in the afternoon, our day was totally thrown out.

I figured we'd work later into the afternoon, but whaiāipo rang to ask if I could take the kids to TKD in Rotoma tonight. Kei te pai. I had planned on freeing up space in my Google Drive tonight, because I've reached the capacity! Hei aha. I'll just have to figure that out apōpō.

We managed the basics, and that's it.

Uncle Warrick messaged me around 7 o'clock this morning to ask if the big kids were keen on a hīkoi in the Redwoods. As the kids finished breakfast, we had a yarn about everything in general (it's been that long since we'd seen him), so by the time they headed off, it was almost 9 o'clock!!!

It was a beautiful day, lovely and warm and perfect for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.


Tama 3 chose to do IXL.  We reviewed perimeters.
Tamāhine 2 Start Right - one page
Tama 4 MUS Alpha completed 7F and also a page in Start Right
Tama 5 - IXL


Tama 5 practiced the letter A and B.
Tama 4 practiced the letter B as well as a manuscript piece.


Reading Eggs -Tama 5 Map 1, lesson 2. TamA 4 Map 3, lesson 25.
Tamāhine 2 - Began reading "The Apples of Idun".  We read the Gutenberg online version.  I increase the font size and then run the mouse over any letters or digraphs tamāhine 2 may be struggling with.


We read "Me" by Walter de la Mare.


Mary Poppins - Chapter 1.  We have watched the movie umpteen times, yet I've never read the story to the kids.  I bought a hardback version in early June, and have looked forward to reading it with them.

The first difference the young ones pointed out between book and movie, is that there were four kids in the book - not just Jane and Michael.  There was a set of twins also!

Music practice:

I didn't capture tamāhine 1 as she had already practiced earlier.  

Just throwing this in because they look so cute together.  Tama 5 with Marmite.


My plan is to teach tama 3 twice a week.  I muddled up yesterday, but rather than leave it till next week, I decided to introduce it today.

I will begin tamāhine 1 and tama 2 next week.  They will only need a slight refresher - no need to start right at the beginning with tama 3.

Last night, tama 1 resurrected my box of IEW Fix-It Grammar teacher's manuals.  We are up to Book 3, "Frog Prince, or just Deserts."  It rained today, so what better time to print than when you're stuck indoors?

I printed and bound all three student books.  We're all set and ready to start next week.

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ka kite ano